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With the aid of our well-established local network of lawyers, accountants, surveyors and architects, we pride ourselves on offering an all-inclusive service of real estate brokerage specifically designed to make luxury property acquisition and re-development for prospective domestic and international clients an easy, enjoyable and completely hassle-free experience.

The Island itself is one of the last few remaining privately owned luxury destinations in the Mediterranean, which due to its relatively under-developed property portfolio can be a promising investment opportunity for high net worth individuals and corporate investors alike.

Our specialist real estate broker team builds on over three decades’ worth of property acquisitions and sales experience and would be delighted to provide you with a detailed overview of the investment and property development opportunities currently available on the Island of Albarella.

Our offer is simple – to help you realise the best of both worlds: a dream holiday home in this idyllic private retreat and secure investment in your family’s future at the same time.

To arrange a meeting in person, an online conference call, or simply to have an informal chat with one of our experienced advisors, please email or contact our specialist team directly on +39 329 375 9060.

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